We are a DFW/North Texas based trivia and entertainment hosting company founded in 2021. During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, our company founder, Jack Tyler, saw that there was a longing for a return to normalcy. He sought to find an engaging social remedy in a world wrecked by a devastating pandemic.


As a youth, Tyler spent an abundance of hours (some might argue far too many) watching quiz shows such as; “Jeopardy” and “The Chase” on broadcast television. This inspired him to compete in numerous Academic Knowledge competitions for his school and local academic leagues. Competing in these events led Tyler to acquire and retain a sharp interest in the competitive trivia world.

After graduating from high school, Tyler continued pursuing his passions of trivia but was abruptly halted by the untimely pandemic. After months of endless deliberation and effort, he eventually came up with the idea to be a trivia host, rather than a trivia competitor.

Being a former competitor, Tyler knows the thrill of facing off against opponents and testing your wits (especially with prize incentives). This idea quickly grew into the Jack Tyler Trivia company and we haven’t looked back since.